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Spain has inherited the tradition of thermal baths that Greeks, Romans and Moors enjoyed here thousands of years ago. Today Spain offers one of Europe's richest, most attractive and varied range of health-based tourism resorts. The vast majority of Spain's thermal centres, offering mineral-rich, medicinal waters, are situated in incredibly beautiful natural surroundings, close to mountains, beaches and forests. Besides all this, Spain offers the health tourism sector something that few other European countries can: climatotherapy.

Spain has an incalculable wealth of mineral-rich, medicinal waters, with more than 2,000 registered springs, which, for their quality and quantity, make our country the spa-centre of Europe. This is also how people from other countries in Europe felt at the beginning of the last century, when they came to spend their summers at spa resorts such as: Mondariz, a favourite destination for the political and social elite of that time, earning it the nickname of Spain's Baden-Baden; or the Great Carballino Spa Resort, Solán de Cabras and the Liérganes spa, amongst others.

After the civil war, the spa resorts went into a period of decline, making a comeback at the beginning of the 1990s, thanks to renewed interest in natural medicine and care of the body. Nowadays, Spain's thermal spa centres are one of the country's major attractions because, besides their curative qualities, they also bring together nature, sport, gastronomy, art, history, etc., to become one of the most complete and imaginative leisure proposals available.

The vast majority of Spain's spa resorts have now undergone major modernisation works in their facilities, incorporating the latest technologies and the best healthcare equipment, putting them up there amongst Europe's first-rate resorts. However, they offer one differentiating element that gives them the advantage: the climate. This is a vital component, whether for specific treatments, or simply to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation during your holidays. Thanks to the climate here, we can say that Spain is one of the few European countries whose spa resorts stay open all year round.

Spain currently has more than 120 spa resorts, extraordinary locations such as Archena (Murcia), Lanjarón (Sierra Nevada, Granada), Puente Viesgo (Cantabria), Panticosa (Huesca), Solán de Cabras (Cuenca), Vichy Catalán (Girona), La Toja (Pontevedra), Arnedillo (La Rioja), Cestona (Guipúzcoa)... These centres are situated in a range of completely different geographical locations. Many are up in the mid- and high mountains, while there are even spas on the coast (this is the case of the Titus Spa Resort, in Arenys de Mar) or on islands (such as Pozo de la Salud Spa, in El Hierro). This means they not only offer hugely varied settings and landscapes, but also completely different weather conditions and alternative attractions for tourists.

These are high-quality establishments where you can enjoy the pleasure and curative action of massages and thermal baths, as well as peace, quiet and the comfort of facilities which have been designed to fulfil all your needs: open-air and indoor pools with thermal waters; sports facilities and exclusive healthcare services. Their waters - rich in sulphur, chlorine, sodium and calcium - offer magnificent results in the treatment of many chronic ailments, and in convalescence after other acute complaints. These are, in short, centres for therapy and relaxation, amongst the best in the world, ideal to recover energy lost over the course of the year and to find the peace and tranquillity you are looking for.

All of these spas provide a welcome refuge from stress and the hustle and bustle of daily life, where you can take care of yourself and recover your strength. Now you can opt for health tourism that is not incompatible with pleasure; a health tourism that includes the best hotels and golf courses, restaurants that feature select cuisine, water therapy in a recreational environment and, most importantly, specialized staff that will take care of your every need. Who could ask for anything more?