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Carranque: Roman splendour in Spain


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Learn about life in Hispania during the Roman Empire. Just 50 kilometres from Madrid a valuable treasure is kept: Carranque Archaeological Park. Travel back to the 4th Century AD and marvel at one of the most important and best-kept archaeological sites of the period. Enjoy an unforgettable experience, full of art and history in unrivalled surroundings.

Houses with central heating and running water, luxury rooms, imaginative buildings, a basilica with marble carved columns and glazed domes, fountains along the streets, mills and dams of public interest, and stunning mosaics. This was the life of this village steeped in wealth and luxury, closely linked to the last Roman emperor, Hispanic Theodosius I the Great, where nothing was left to the imagination and where costs were not cut when it came to building work.

A visit to the Carranque archaeological park is a visit back in time. Due to the excellent state of repair of the buildings and the impressive collection of high-quality mosaics, you can imagine how our Roman ancestors used to live. Travel back to the times of the gladiators and emperors while you stroll among columns and monumental buildings. Discover the oldest Christian church in Spain and marvel at stones and walls that are steeped in the history and legends of other periods. You will be captivated right from the very beginning.

For centuries, this archaeological jewel was buried until the first ruins were discovered in 1983. Since then, discoveries have come thick and fast, as you will see from the many coins, furniture, ceramics, receptacles, engravings, utensils, tools and decorative items that are on display in the exhibition room. Next to this area is the Interpretation Centre where reconstructions and models will show you exactly what this amazing Roman settlement was like.

Come and walk among important treasures in privileged surroundings on the banks of the Guadarrama River. Less than one hour by car from Madrid, Carranque is the ideal getaway where you can enjoy art and nature. And, if you decide to visit Toledo, you must not miss this Roman site, just 45 minutes from the Imperial City, where you can learn about some of the exciting pages in the history of Spain.

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