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Karrantza Harana-Valle de Carranza

Molinar Thermal Spa

Contact details

Barrio El Molinar 17
48891  Karrantza Harana-Valle de Carranza, Vizcaya - Bizkaia  (Basque Country)
Tel.:+34 946806319
Tel.:+34 946806002
Fax.:+34 946806400


Autonomous region:
Basque Country

Vizcaya - Bizkaia


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    Spanish National Association of Spas (ANBAL).


This spa has been operating since 1847. It was completely renovated in July 2003, but the architectural interest of its original 19th-century structure was preserved. It enjoys an exceptional location, surrounded by abundant plant life, where guests can rest and enjoy nature.



Therapeutic treatments:
Respiratory disorders, Rheumatic complaints

Bath, Foot baths, Hydropinic cure, Inhalations, Manual massage, Pressure jet, Sauna, Showers, Swimming pool

Characteristics of the water:
Bicarbonated waters, Calcium-containing, Chloride-containing, Sodium-rich


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