Baños de Molgas

Baños de Molgas Spa Resort

Contact details

Calle Samuel González Movilla 26
32701  Baños de Molgas, Ourense  (Galicia)
Tel.:+34 988430246
Fax.:+34 988430405



The waters of the Molgas Spa, which were already used in Roman times (“Salientibus” – dancing, bubbling waters), were declared to be of public interest in 1873. The spa is located in a lovely spot with trees, rivers, etc., in the midst of a rural setting.



  • Therapeutic treatments: Kidney problems, Locomotor system, Nervous system, Respiratory disorders, Rheumatic complaints, Skin complaints, Trauma
  • Techniques: Aerosol, Circular shower, Hydromassage bath, Hydropinic cure, Inhalations, Manual massage, Mists, Nasal douches, Parafangos, Pressure jet, Scottish shower, Sprays, Swimming pool
  • Characteristics of the water: Bicarbonated waters, Bicarbonated waters, Calcium-containing, Radioactive, Slightly mineralised, Sodium-rich


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