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Carretera San Gregorio s/n
10950  Brozas, Cáceres  (Extremadura)
Tel.:+34 927191050
Tel.:+34 927191060
Fax.:+34 927191060



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    "Q" for Tourism Quality, a mark that represents quality in Spain’s tourism sector.


The Brozas Spa, formerly the San Gregorio Baths, is located in the province of Cáceres, in the heart of the pasturelands of Extremadura. Remains found in the area indicate that its origins may go back to Roman times. It was completely refurbished between 2000 and 2005 and a new hotel to accommodate visitors was built. It now offers the most modern spa therapy techniques.



  • Therapeutic treatments: Anti-stress treatment, Rheumatic complaints, Skin complaints
  • Techniques: Aerosol, Hydromassage bath, Inhalations, Lymphatic drainage, Manual massage, Parafangos, Paraffin, Pressure jet, Sauna, Showers, Swimming pool
  • Complementary techniques: Pressotherapy


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