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Great routes

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Fundación El legado andalusí

This route traces the steps followed in 1829 by the romantic North American writer Washington Irving, who was fascinated by the wealth and exoticism of the Spanish-Muslim civilization. A communications artery established many centuries before, which served as a trade route between the Christian south of the peninsula and the Nazarite kingdom of Granada.

The trajectory links the capitals of the two traditional Andalusias, the Lower and Upper; two plains, the Open Country and the Fertile Plain, separated by an evocative and rugged journey. The route swings between Seville and Granada, the two obligatory stops on the romantic journey which the image of Andalusia projected in Europe, attracting a multitude of artists, writers, the curious and all kinds of travellers.

This itinerary, which forms part of the Routes of the Al-Andalus heritage, has been designated a Major Cultural Route by the Council of Europe.


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