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Ingredients for 4 people: 3 dl of water 1 fresh bone of cured ham or pork shoulder 1 beef bone (preferably with marrow) 100 g of French beans 25 g of animal fat 1 bunch of parsnip tops 1kg of potatoes Salt


Soak the French beans for 13 hours. Cut the potatoes into small pieces. Put two cooking pots with water on to boil and add the bones and French beans to one of them, with salt to taste. When they are half-cooked, remove the bones and add the potatoes, without removing from the flame. Place the parsnip tops in the other cooking pot to eliminate any sourness.When they come to the boil, remove and add them with the animal fat to the cooking pot with the potatoes and beans. Leave everything to simmer until it is well-cooked and add salt if desired. This recipe can be enriched with more pork and spicy sausage.


Serve in an earthenware dish.

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Cooking time:
3 hours



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