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Traditional 'Wine' of Asturias, cider was around during Roman times, when it was known as 'pomaria'; the Arabs later called it 'siserio'.

Protected under a Denomination of Origin of the same name, it is a drink with a low alcoholic content, between 4% and 6%, obtained through the fermentation of the natural, fresh must of apples, a fruit that is abundant in the region of Asturias. Different types of acid, sweet and sour apples, not for normal consumption, are used. After fermenting the must for 6 months, it is bottled for sale. It contains only naturally occurring carbonation and the minimum alcoholic content is 4.5%. It goes well with many local traditional dishes and, especially, with Cabrales cheese. It is consumed in 'culinos' poured in typical glasses from small ceramic pitchers. The 'espicha', or opening of the kegs, is traditional.

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As a refreshment, it is drunk mainly in summer - autumn, although it may be consumed year-round.

Cider is obtained mainly in the middle of the Principality of Asturias, in Oviedo, Gijon and Villaviciosa. Production is spread throughout the whole province.

Hake or anglerfish in cider

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