'Pintxos'. Bilbao, Vizcaya

Queso de Cabrales

Cabrales cheese is produced in the mountains of Asturias and León, with a mix of milk from cows, sheep and goats. Its bluish colour is a result of the action of Penicillium. This cheese is creamy, and its flavour and smell are very particular and penetrating. It ripens in caves that maintain a constant temperature all year round. It is usually spread over bread, and served with cider.


Queso Manchego

Manchego cheese is made with sheep's milk. It is firm from pressing, and shows the marks of the mould in its rind. The cheese is ivory white, sort of yellowish, with few or no holes in it. It has very characteristic aroma and flavour. It is sold at different ripening stages. It may also be preserved in oil.