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To the northeast of Galicia, we find four estuaries that form the Gulf of Artabro: A Coruña, Betanzos, Ares, and Ferrol. They reflect a historical land that was settled by the Artabros.
Defined around the mouth of the Mero River, the A Coruña estuary has great personality. The city of A Coruña is a place we cannot miss while travelling around this wide estuary. Its historic quarter, accessed through the Royal Gate, cherishes some very luminous galleries that have come to define this space. Among the many structures that we find in A Coruña, the Tower of Hercules is the most emblematic one. It is the oldest still-functioning lighthouse in the world, and offers an incomparable view of the Gulf of Artabro. The beautiful landscape of the region of As Mariñas flanks the estuary, dividing it in two smaller bodies of water: the estuaries of Ares and Betanzos. The ancient village of Betanzos, one of the capitals of the Old Kingdom of Galicia, is located in the Mandeo estuary. There we find the church of Santa María, built by seamen in the 12th century. This church preserves a priceless collection of precious metalwork, Flemish panels, and Gothic sculpture. The Ferrol estuary stretches along the mouth of the Xubia River. Because it is funnel-shaped, it constitutes one of the best natural ports in the world.

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