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Cabrera, La

Sierra Norte de Madrid Marine Resort

Contact details

Avenida de la Cabrera 36
28751  Cabrera, La, Madrid  (Madrid)
Tel.:+34 912778101


Autonomous region:




Enjoy water sports miles away from the coast.

There are five reservoirs in the North Sierra of Madrid where visitors can do water sports in a spectacular setting. The five reservoirs are: Pinilla, Riosequillo, Puentes Viejas, El Villar and El Atazar. Discover nature spots in the surrounding area such as the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park and the Montejo de la Sierra Beechwood. Other interesting visits include the Monastery of El Paular, Buitrago de Lozoya and its city walls and the archaeological sites such as Valle de los Neardentales in Pinilla.


WHAT IS THERE NEARBY? (within a 5 km radius)