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A unique monumental site in Aragon. Uncastillo is 110 kilometres north of Zaragoza. Its centre is home to impressive historic-artistic heritage. Special mention should be made of the castle-fortress, with its "Torre del Homenaje" (keep), originally from the 11th century and restored in the 14th, where you will find the Tower Museum. Then there is the Gothic palace of Peter IV, dating from the same century, an excellent example of Gothic palace architecture, unique in Aragon. Santa María Church is a designated Cultural Property, with its cloister and Romanesque/Gothic decoration. San Juan Church is also designated Cultural Property and has 13th century murals. Finally we should make mention of the medieval exchange (13th century). It is also worth visiting the Los Bañales archaeological area, one of Aragon's main Roman sites. The beautiful surrounding countryside makes Uncastillo a good place for hiking. In summer, the Crafts Exhibition is held, where you will find stonework, wrought iron, woodwork and embroidery.

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