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In the municipality of La Vall de Boí, Lerida, in the region of Alta Ribagorza, we find the town of Barruera. There we can admire the church of Sant Feliú, declared a World Heritage Site along with other Romanesque temples in the area.Barruera is a small town in the municipality of La Vall de Boí, in the region of Alto Pirineo, Lerida. In addition to having beautiful examples of popular architecture in its historic quarter, Barruera has the church of Sant Feliu, a true gem of Lombard-Romanesque style. The temple, which has only one nave, includes remarkable features such as the portico, the main front, and a richly ornamented apse. Adjacent to the main building we find a slender belltower, built in the same architectural style. Sant Feliu, along with other Romanesque churches from the municipality of La Vall de Boí, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2000. All of them are situated amidst gorgeous rural settings, with the ideal conditions for outdoor sports such as hiking and mountaineering.

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