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Autonomous region:
Basque Country

Vizcaya - Bizkaia


In El Abra bay, in Bilbao estuary, we find the municipality of Getxo. Algorta is situated there: a town with an old fishing port, modern water sports facilities and beautiful small palaces near the beach. The Old Port in Algorta is situated at one end of Ereaga beach, a perfect spot to practise surfing, which also has lively nightlife. Narrow streets and white-washed façades with brightly coloured doors, windows and balconies can be found in the seaside neighbourhood. Many taverns serve pintxos (tapas served on bread) and banderillas (tapas on skewers) to have with a drink. The Usategi viewpoint affords amazing views of El Abra bay. At the other end of the beach there are sports facilities, perfect for practising snorkelling, sailing, kayaking… Nearby, in Atxekolandeta, there are small palaces and mansions built in the early 20th century. Some of the most emblematic are Lezama Leguizamón, Mudela Palace, Ampuero Palace, Aizgoyen Farmhouse and Arriluze Palace. This beautiful set of buildings is situated on the coastline and surrounded by gardens. In Arriluze Wharf the Casa de los Náufragos house stands out. A structure that was built following the style of Basque farmhouses is built on large arcades, with a circular lighthouse on top.

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