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Calle Kanpantorrosteta, 9
48200  Durango, Vizcaya - Bizkaia  (Basque Country)
Tel.:+34 946033938
Tel.:+34 946200098


Autonomous region:
Basque Country

Vizcaya - Bizkaia



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Building founded in the medieval period inside the city of Durango. There are two construction periods that stand out in what is today's church, one is Gothic-Renaissance period from which the sanctuary, three pointed spaces, the star roof, the tower and the choir come.The other is the Baroque-Classicist period from which the cruciform and Corinthian pilaster date.The church has three naves, the central one is higher and wider than the side ones, finished off with a polygonal apse and topped with a starred ogive vault.The side naves have simple ogive vaults.The main entrance at the foot, houses an architectural of an austere in design from the Classicist period.The other entrance is via the Epistle side and is sheltered under a wooden porch. Inside there is a high reredos, work of the sculptor Martín Ruíz de Zubiate.


Artistic period:

Historic period:
15th century

Church of Santa Ana.

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From Monday to Saturday
From 09:30 to 13:00


Admission free


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