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Avenida de la Palmera s/n
41013  Seville  (Andalusia)


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This is Seville's great urban park designed by the French landscape gardener Forestier for the Ibero-american Exhibition in 1929. With it, a purely Spanish style of gardening, which would be called Neo-Sevillian or Neo-Arab was reborn, which would have a great influence on all Spanish public parks of the first third of the century. A large part of its squares, circuses and monuments are dedicated to national literary figures, like the Bécquer, Cervantes, Hermanos Machado circuses, etc. and undoubtedly one of its characteristics is the widespread use of fountains, ponds and furniture made from brick and ceramic tiles.

Con él renace un estilo puramente hispánico de jardinería que sería denominado como "neosevillano" o "neoárabe" y que tendrá gran influencia en todos los parques públicos españoles del primer tercio de siglo. Gran parte de sus plazas, glorietas y monumentos está dedicada a figuras de la literatura nacional, como la Glorieta de Bécquer, Cervantes, Hermanos Machado, etc. y sin duda una de sus características es el empleo en gran parte de sus fuentes, estanques y mobiliario del ladrillo y el azulejo.

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From Jul 01 to Aug 31
From 08:00 to 00:00

From Sep 01 to Jun 30
From 08:00 to 22:00


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