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Calle Monseñor Cadena y Eleta - Calle Becerro de Bengoa - Calle Ramón y Cajal - Paseo de la Florida
01005  Vitoria, Álava - Araba  (Basque Country)


Autonomous region:
Basque Country

Álava - Araba



Vitoria's most outstanding park is La Florida, right in the heart of the city. Its layout is clearly influenced by the English gardens of the 19th century: winding paths, romantic plantings mixed with conifers, rustic elements, etc. La Florida follows this model to the letter and has all of the typical features. The plant life is highly varied, with an abundance of conifers, such as Lebanon cedars and redwoods, as well as horse chestnuts, willows and many others. There are as many as 95 different species of trees, including a magnificent hundred-year-old walnut tree that towers to 30 metres in height.


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