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Easter week in Seville devotion in the streets


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Easter Week in Seville is a wonderful way of learning about Spanish customs. And as well as witnessing a religious celebration, you can also chat with the people of Seville and share in the popular enthusiasm and art that invades the streets. All you need to do is observe the thousands of people who gather to watch the processions, in which "nazarenos" in their pointed hoods accompany religious sculptures to the rhythm of music, popular flamenco songs are sung from the balconies and the women wear embroidered veils known as “mantillas”. This is unique in Spain.

One part of the itinerary is the same for all the processions and culminates at the Cathedral. The best way of not getting too tired is to hire one of the chairs that are set up alongside this section. If you want to enjoy this celebration without all the crowds, arrive in advance and visit the silent churches. Don’t forget to call in at a cake shop and try the “torrijas” (bread soaked in wine and honey and then fried), which are a typical sweet at this time of year.

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