How can you go online and check your e-mails?

If you want to connect to the internet, numerous establishments in Spain offer free WiFi connections: cafes, restaurants, kiosks… You'll also find it in a number of airports, train and bus stations, and some shopping centres and hotels. You may sometimes need to ask for the password. What's more, many venues offer free WiFi in public spaces like parks or squares. Remember that WiFi connections have a maximum speed limit, so they're mainly useful for finding specific information. You can also connect to the Internet via your mobile device. Another advantage is that in Spain you can enjoy extensive 4G mobile coverage . Remember to check your usual mobile phone operator's conditions and rates before you travel.  


How can I send a letter, fax, or telegram?

You can send a letter from anywhere in Spain. In order to do it, you need to find stamps, which you can buy at any tobacconist's shop or "Estancos". To send your letter, put it in a mailbox. Mailboxes are yellow, and they can be found in the street, at railway and bus stations, and at the airports. It is also possible to leave your mail in the reception of your hotel, if it offers that service, for the staff to take care of the mailing for you. If you wish to send a parcel, wire money, or send a telegram, you need to go to the post office. Post offices offer other services as well, such as telex and fax. Keep in mind that most hotels have faxes at your disposal too.


How can I make a phone call to, or from, Spain?

If you wish to make a phone call to Spain from abroad, dial the international access code of the country you are calling from, then 34 (Spain's country code), and the phone number, which should have 9 digits. If you wish to call abroad from Spain, dial 00 + country code + the phone number. You can place international calls from a public phone. Phone booths use coins or cards, which can be purchased at tobacconists' shops. If you wish to make a phone call within Spain, just dial the number with no prefixes. The phone number always has 9 digits, whether it is a cell phone or a regular phone. If you wish to use your mobile in Spain, you should know that our GSM technology is not compatible with other countries', such as the U.S. and Japan. If your technology and ours is compatible, then you should contact your wireless carrier to make sure you will be able to use your phone in Spain (some carriers will have to activate international service for your phone). Once those steps are taken at the country of origin, use your mobile in Spain as if you were calling from a Spanish line. That is, you will need to dial 00 + country code + phone number to make international calls.