What type of clothing should I pack?

In Spain, people dress differently according to the season, the place they are going to, and the circumstances. In the coast, because of the mild climate, it is usually not necessary to pack warm clothes; while in the interior, you should dress according to the season. In the interior of Spain, temperatures vary greatly from one season to the next, with very cold winters, and really hot summers. Spanish people don't dress up too much to go out, although of course, it depends on where you are going.


What is the weather like in Spain?

Spain, one of the warmest countries in Europe: Spain's predominant climate is Mediterranean-temperate, with dry summers, and pretty constant temperatures during the winter. In Spain, you will enjoy more than three thousand hours of sunlight. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that this region is one of the warmest in Europe. In this sense, we should mention the Canary Islands. Because of its peculiar location, in front of the African coastline, these islands enjoy a mild climate, with generous temperatures (the annual average on the coasts being 22ºC), without a major difference in weather between daytime and night time. However, the main characteristic of Spanish climate is its variety, due in part to Spain's geographical diversity. This way, if we travel north to the Cantabrian coast we will find a humid, temperate climate, with mild winters, and gentle summers that rarely go over 25º C. In the higher areas of the country, the climate gets rougher, and snow is frequent from the beginning of winter to the end of spring. Such is the case in the Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada, the Central Mountains, the Iberian Mountains, the Cantabrian Mountains, etc.