Activities in the sea: Marine resorts in Spain

Would you like to keep active while on holiday at the beach? At Spain's Marine Resorts it is really easy to practise your favourite water sports. These tourist destinations specialise in organising activities such as sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, whale watching, and many other things.

There are many such resorts all over Spain (even some inland), and they can help you organise other land activities too (4x4, MTB, golf, climbing, horse riding, tennis, etc.), and to find accommodation, restaurants and other leisure options.

Just so you get an idea as to what you can do with the help of Marine Resorts, take a look at the following reports.

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  • Charter boating in Spain.

    [Travel ideas]

    … If you like sailing, Spain is a destination that you will love for many reasons: because of the good weather, the variety of settings its coasts have to offer, the quality of the facilities, and because hiring a boat is simple. Getting to know Spain from the sea, on a charter boat, can be a fun opti…

  • Around the Balearic Islands by boat.

    [Travel ideas]

    … (Balearic Islands) The Balearic Islands share such special landscapes, climate and culture that you are sure to be captivated. It happened to people such as Chopin, Errol Flynn, Winston Churchill, Rubén Darío and Joan Miró, and it will happen to you too. While they all share these qualities, each is…

  • Spain: the ideal waters for recreational fishing.

    [Travel ideas]

    … The Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea are perfect for a day's fishing. If you like deep-sea fishing, then the marine resorts along the Spanish coastline will help you organise a tailor-made holiday. Sports fishing is the water-based sport with the highest number of card-ca…

  • Scuba diving at Spain's Marine Resorts –a great idea.

    [Travel ideas]

    … Spain is an ideal destination for scuba diving. Find out for yourself at the Marine Resorts to be found all along the Spanish coast, north and south, and also in the Balearic Islands. Here you can try this sport for the first time or improve your technique, with full safety guarantees and all the ne…

  • The pleasure of discovering Spain by sail.

    [Travel ideas]

    … Are you imagining how much you would like to enjoy the sunshine and crystal clear waters of a hidden cove somewhere? How would you like to enjoy all this on your own boat or a rented vessel? In Spain you can sail all year round, on a catamaran, sailing boat, motor launch... Come on! Head out onto th…

  • The Spanish seas by kayak.

    [Travel ideas]

    … You can enjoy the coast of Spain in many different ways. Here we suggest the kayak - once you try it you are sure to be hooked. It is an option that will take you to spots on the coast that are hard to get to. Do you want to get the best holiday photo of all? Then climb into a kayak. Islands, cliffs…

  • Spain, a youthful spirit on the sea.

    [Travel ideas]

    … Sun, wind, sea… and a host of sensations. Experience the adventure of taming the waves on the coasts of Spain, and you’ll discover why it’s one of the best places in the world for windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing. Each new day brings fun, thrills and excitement on Spain's beaches. Are you up to …

  • Marine Resorts in Spain: holidays made to measure.

    [Travel ideas]

    … Would you like to enjoy the sea in a fun and different way? Do you fancy spending a few activity-packed days in touch with nature, trying your hand at a whole range of exciting water sports? It couldn’t be easier. Just head for any of Spain’s 20 Marine Resorts. They’ll come up with a made-to-measure…