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  • Exhibition: American Impressionism. Madrid.


    From 11/04/2014 to 02/01/2015

    … Madrid. E-mail: The exhibition is the first chance to see in Spain an anthology dedicated to the North American Impressionism movement. The show comprises 60 paintings that demonstrate how North American artists discovered Impressionism between the 1880s a…

  • Exhibition: Spanish drawings in the Hamburger Kunsthalle: Cano, Murillo and Goya.. Madrid.


    From 10/30/2014 to 02/08/2015

    … Madrid. Fax.: +34 913302856 | E-mail: The Prado Museum in Madrid has brought together for the first time almost half the drawings in the collection of the Kunsthalle in Hamburg, which has one of the most important holdings of Spanish draw…

  • Exhibition: Bernini's "animas". Art in Rome for Spanish Court. Madrid.


    From 10/21/2014 to 02/08/2015

    … Madrid. Fax.: +34 913302856 | E-mail: The first exhibition in Spain on Gian Lorenzo Bernini, a sculptor, architect and painter. The Prado Museum is exhibiting the oeuvre of Bernini, one of the most influential artists of the 17th century.…

  • Titian: Danaë, Venus and Adonis. The early poesie. Madrid.


    From 11/19/2014 to 03/01/2015

    … Madrid. Fax.: +34 913302856 | E-mail: The Prado Museum in Madrid presents the two earliest "poesies" by Titian for the first time since their restoration. These works depict Danaë, Venus and Adonis and were painted by Titian for the then …

  • Exhibition: The return of the snake. Mathias Goeritz and the invention of emotional architecture. Madrid.


    From 11/12/2014 to 04/13/2015

    … Madrid. Fax.: + 34 917741056 | E-mail: . The sculptor Mathias Goeritz and his work take centre stage at the Reina Sofía National Art Centre. The exhibition is structured as a journey through the artist's most emblematic works, and features a selection …

  • Exhibition: Monumental views of Spanish cities. The Romantic painter Genaro Pérez Villaamil. Madrid.


    From 12/17/2014 to 04/26/2015

    … Madrid. Fax.: +34 913302856 | E-mail: Genaro Pérez Villaamil became a very prominent landscape painter in the Romantic period. The Prado Museum is exhibiting a previously unseen set of 42 works that feature monumental views of Spanish cit…

  • Exhibition: Goya in Madrid. Madrid.


    From 11/28/2014 to 05/03/2015

    … Madrid. Fax.: +34 913302856 | E-mail: The famous Spanish painter Francisco de Goya is the main protagonist of this show in the Prado Museum. The exhibition focuses mainly on the cartoons Goya made for tapestries, and includes loans from o…

  • Exhibition: Daniel G. Andújar: Operating system. Madrid.


    From 01/21/2015 to 05/04/2015

    … Madrid. Fax.: + 34 917741056 | E-mail: . The visual artist Daniel G. Andújar is regarded as one of the foremost representatives of Internet art in Spain. This exhibition in the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid highlights some of his work. The show includes…

  • Exhibition: Raoul Dufy. Exterior to interior. Madrid.


    From 02/17/2015 to 05/17/2015

    … Madrid. E-mail: The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum revisits the work of the artist Raoul Dufy through this exhibition focusing on his more introspective, reflexive and personal side. The show is intended to explore the lesser known techniques used by Dufy, such…

  • Exhibition: Paul Delvaux: a walk with love and death. Madrid.


    From 02/24/2015 to 06/07/2015

    … Madrid. E-mail: The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum presents an exhibition on the Belgian painter Paul Delvaux, an artist whose work has an unmistakeable dreamlike quality, where his characteristic female figures are seen wandering through nocturnal landscapes. …

  • Exhibition Zurbarán: A New Perspective. Madrid.


    From 06/09/2015 to 09/13/2015

    … Madrid. E-mail: In summer 2015, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum will be offering an exhibition on the Extremadura artist Francisco de Zurbarán. It is a survey of the artist's output, from his earliest commissions to key works from his mature period. The exhi…