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Sailing boats in Formentera

Moments of peace in Formentera

It's an ideal place to enjoy the peace and quiet. Come to Formentera, the smallest of the Balearic Islands, and get away from it all.

  1. Walkway surrounded by daisies on Illetes beach. La Savina. Formentera

    Turismo de Formentera. Jorge Jiménez

    Relaxing colours

    Gaze at the horizon and discover the immensity of a turquoise sea… And enjoy the sunshine almost all year round, or the island in bloom in the spring.

  2. Llevant beach. La Savina, Formentera

    Turismo de Formentera. Moonkoala

    Unspoilt countryside

    Lying on a beach with no buildings in sight. Going for a walk and knowing that the surroundings have hardly been changed by man. 70% of the island is protected.

  3. Bicycles near a fence at Illetes beach. La Savina, Formentera

    Turismo de Formentera. Jorge Jiménez

    There are no traffic lights here!

    You won't find any in Formentera because we don't need them here. In fact, we advise you to cycle or walk rather than using the car.

  4. Sunset in Formentera

    Turismo de Formentera. Moonkoala


    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but this doesn't apply to the sunsets in Formentera – it's better to come and see them in person.

  5. Migjorn beach. Sant Francesc de Formentera

    Turismo de Formentera. Moonkoala

    Paradise beaches

    Discover the beaches of Ses Illetes, Levante, Migjorn, Caló des Mort, Es Trucadors… It's very easy to find a secluded spot on one of Formentera's beaches, where you can spend a relaxing day. On some of them you can also chill out at clubs next to the sea.

  6. "Peix Sec", fish drying in the sun. Formentera

    Turismo de Formentera. Arnau Pujadas

    Tradition and flavour

    Traditional food that you can enjoy with good after-lunch conversation. Taste the island's most typical ingredient, "Peix Sec" (salted fish that is dried in the sun, grilled and preserved in oil). We also recommend "Payesa" salad, figs, honey, fresh cheese and wine.

  7. La Mola Market. Formentera

    Turismo de Formentera. Alfredo Montero

    Street markets with charm

    Even shopping is special in Formentera. You'll find street markets such as the hippy markets in San Francisco, La Savina or Els Pujols, the art market in San Ferrán or the craft market in Pilar de la Mola.

  8. A shoal of fish under the sea. Formentera

    Turismo de Formentera. Albert Lerycke

    Crystal-clear waters

    Enjoy scuba diving at its best in the crystal-clear waters, as far out as 50 metres. The feeling of calm under the water will amaze you.

  9. Kayak trip. Formentera

    Turismo de Formentera. J. J. Fotógrafo

    Kayaking adventures

    It doesn't require much effort and you'll be able to enjoy amazing sunsets from the sea, or visit secluded caves that are only accessible by kayak.

  10. A bird flying low on a beach in Formentera

    Turismo de Formentera. Jorge Jiménez

    Feel at one with the birds…

    Or nearly, because more than 200 bird species live or stop over in Formentera on their migration routes. It's a great chance to go birdwatching.