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From 6 to 14 July, during the celebration of the famous San Fermines, Pamplona is a round-the-clock non-stop fiesta. From the moment the firecracker is launched until the “Pobre de mí" ("Poor me") is sung at the end, there is just one instruction to abide by: have fun and enjoy yourself for as long as your body can take it. There are high spirits on the streets everywhere you look; you'll see people with red neckerchiefs dancing, singing and drinking “calimocho” (wine with coca-cola) to the rhythm of the typical brass brands that roam the city.

During the fiesta the bars seem to multiply, especially in the old part of the city. One of the liveliest areas is Calle Jarauta and other nearby streets, where the local clubs meet up in the bars. They open day and night, and the atmosphere is electric. The San Fermines fiesta is also a time for all kinds of shows, such as fireworks, street entertainment, open-air parties and concerts.

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