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Cheste, more than just a motor racing circuit


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Cheste is the venue for the Region of Valencia's Motorcycle Grand Prix, but it also offers the chance to do much more than just enjoy the racing.

Through the tourist office you can contact several agencies which specialise in a series of themed routes. These include a gastronomic route offering the opportunity to sampling a range of local products, muscatel wine tasting in the Bodega Cheste Agraria, and a route around the historic quarter of the town. Another possibility for all the family is to take a trip to the motorcycle circuit where the younger members of the family can drive remote control cars and motorcycles on a model of the circuit, or else take part in an obstacle course, and enjoy a meal. There are numerous other combinations which include accommodation (weekend circuit), guided tour of the city's monuments (cultural circuit), the chance to enjoy outdoors sports such as climbing (sports circuit), or anti-stress treatments (business circuit). Things to remember
Outdoor activities are subject to availability and weather conditions.
Tours can be arranged in Spanish, English and German.
The routes are available all year round except during the Region of Valencia's Motorcycle Grand Prix.

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