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Avenida del Balneario, s/n
32500  Carballiño (O), Carballiño, O, Ourense  (Galicia)
Tel.:+34 988270926
Fax.:+34 988273332


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    Spanish National Association of Spas (ANBAL).


It is situated in a charming spot, in the district of Orcellón, framed by the sierras of Martiña, Magdalena and the Montes de Suido and San Mamede. It is surrounded by exceptionally attractive nature reserves, such as that of the spa or the splendid Municipal Park covering more than 32 hectares, that forms an authentic forest of pines, eucalyptus, oaks, lime trees and other species of tree.



  • Therapeutic treatments: Digestive problems, Rheumatic complaints
  • Techniques: Bath, Hydropinic cure, Manual massage, Pressure jet, Showers
  • Characteristics of the water: Radioactive, Sodium-rich, Sulphate-rich


WHAT IS THERE NEARBY? (within a 2 km radius)