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Autonomous region:

Castellón - Castelló


The city, surrounded by water on all sides except one, has a beach that is popular all year round. Peñíscola is one of the biggest tourist centres in the province of Castellon. The castle, built on a mound that looks as if it was anchored to the sea bed, is a reminder of the age of knights and battlemented fortresses that occupied the lands of Maestrazgo. The Pope Benedict 13th century, nicknamed "Moon Pope", chose this castle to shut himself away and fight for the unity of the Catholic Church. The fortress dominates the highest point in the peninsula. The parade ground is a delightful balcony where the visitor can gaze at the Mediterranean Sea; and the keep, the perfect platform to get a beautiful panoramic view of the coast. In spring and summer, the walled enclosure hosts a Spanish comedy film festival, and a Baroque and antique music festival. But this gem of the monumental heritage of the small peninsula, in which the old town is located, is only a part of the present-day municipality, which continues beyond the confines of the wall, and includes numerous hotels, tenements, and housing estates that corroborate the excellent tourist image of this fashionable beach.

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