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01001  Vitoria, Álava - Araba  (Basque Country)
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Tel.: +34 945255135



Gothic-style church.

It is built on a previous construction dating from the 13th century, and has a doorway with interesting sculptures.

The Cathedral of Santa María originated as a church-fortress in the early 13th century. Construction was subsequently completed in the Gothic style in several stages throughout the 14th and 15th centuries. The cathedral is supported by enormous columns made totally convex by its weight, and a beautiful and fragile triforium. The cathedral can now be visited in a new and original way, as it is "open for repairs". The cathedral's unique Restoration Plan means visitors can see first hand how restoration work on the building is carried out. These works have been awarded the Europa Nostra Special Prize, granted by the European Union for conservation and improvements in cultural heritage sites.

  • Construction: Cathedral
  • Artistic period: Gothic
  • Historic period: 15th century
  • Setting: San Pedro Church

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  • General: €8,50
  • Reduced: €5,50
  • Children: €1
  • Between 6 12 years
  • Children: Admission free
  • Children under 6 years


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