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  • A cruise liner in the Spanish Mediterranean.

    Travel ideas

    … Spain is becoming an ever more popular departure and stopover point for Mediterranean cruises. Year after year, more and more people opt to spend a few days at Mediterranean destinations in Spain at the beginning or end of their cruises, to discover cities such as Barcelona (Europe's number one crui…

  • AVE Cities (AVExperience).

    Travel ideas

    … Would you like to travel comfortably by train between Madrid and Valencia in just 95 minutes? And between Madrid and Barcelona in two and a half hours? You'll be able to do so thanks to Spain's extensive network of high-speed trains (AVE). When you opt to take these trains you'll be eligible for dis…

  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona: Spain according to Woody Allen.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) Famous director Woody Allen was in no doubt. After many visits to Spain he fell under its charm and chose cities such as Barcelona and Oviedo to shoot his latest film, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. Now it is your turn to discover the landscapes and monuments he chose as settings…

  • Childhood revisited: toy museums in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    … This is the plan: revisit your childhood and share it with your children. How? Visiting the different toy museums in Spain. It will be a journey full of illusion and surprises that all the family will enjoy and with which, moreover, you will discover Spain's important tradition in toys. Did you know…

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