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  • Mountains to climb in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Climbing is a great way to have fun while challenging yourself physically, in breathtaking natural surroundings. Spain is Europe's second most mountainous country, and is therefore the perfect option for lovers of this s…

  • Spain's European Heritage.

    Travel ideas

    …The European Heritage Label is awarded to those places, monuments or cultural properties that have played a key role in Europe's common history. Spain's inclusion on the list was a foregone conclusion. This trip will tak…

  • Early hours of the evening (between about 8 pm and 11 pm ).

    Travel ideas

    …Here are a few ideas to guide you when you set out in the early evening to enjoy a night out on the town in some of the top Spanish cities for nightlife. Madrid. Musicals and theatre: Madrid offers the chance to spend an…

  • A cruise liner in the Spanish Mediterranean.

    Travel ideas

    …Spain is becoming an ever more popular departure and stopover point for Mediterranean cruises. Year after year, more and more people opt to spend a few days at Mediterranean destinations in Spain at the beginning or end …

  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona: Spain according to Woody Allen.

    Travel ideas

    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) Famous director Woody Allen was in no doubt. After many visits to Spain he fell under its charm and chose cities such as Barcelona and Oviedo to shoot his latest film, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. N…

  • Barcelona, a city for strolling.

    Travel ideas

    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) With its Mediterranean climate and wide boulevards, Barcelona is ideal for strolling. On the Paseo de Grácia avenue you will find luxury shops and buildings such as Gaudí’s famous houses, the Casa …

  • Barcelona: culture to suit all ages.

    Travel ideas

    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) Barcelona offers a range of cultural options to suit all ages. Many of its museums such as the Chocolate Museum, the Maritime Museum or Cosmocaixa (where kids can experience a tropical rainfall, fo…

  • Barcelona: perfect for gifts.

    Travel ideas

    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) The perfect place for buying souvenirs in Barcelona is the famous avenue known as La Rambla. In this area you will find typical gift and souvenir shops with all kinds of objects and ideas inspired …

  • Barcelona, flavours from other worlds.

    Travel ideas

    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) When it’s time to eat you’ll find that Barcelona is also cosmopolitan too. The city’s line-up of restaurants includes numerous places where you can surprise your palate with a whole range of differ…

  • Major sporting events in Barcelona.

    Travel ideas

    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) In Barcelona you’ll be able to experience some unforgettable sporting moments, ranging from once-in-a-lifetime football matches to thrilling motor races. The first, because the city is home to one …

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