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  • Spanish Music Festival. León.

    Calendar | Cultural

    From 09/16/2015 to 10/11/2015

    …León. (Castile-Leon) E-mail: The Spanish Music Festival takes place in the city of León and in several towns throughout the province, home to part of …

  • León Cathedral International Organ Festival. León.

    Calendar | Cultural

    From 09/24/2015 to 11/19/2015

    …Catedral de León. León. (Castile-Leon) The León Cathedral International Organ Festival is held every year in this cathedral in the capital of León. The event enjoys great national and internationa…

  • Purple Weekend Festival. León.

    Calendar | Cultural

    From 12/04/2015 to 12/08/2015

    …León. (Castile-Leon) At the end of autumn, fans of mod culture from all over the world gather in León for this festival that includes concerts, art and a display of costumes and hairstyles from the…

  • La Ronda and Los Pasos processions. León.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    From 03/24/2016 to 03/25/2016

    …Av. Ordoño II nº 10. 24001. León. (Castile-Leon) E-mail: This is the Good Friday Procession and the ceremony that announces its coming to the Easter brotherhoods th…

  • Easter Week in León. León.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    From 03/20/2016 to 03/27/2016

    …Pza. Mayor, nº 1, 2º. 24003. León. (Castile-Leon) E-mail: During this celebration, extraordinary religious images, created in the workshops of important Baroque…

  • "City of León" International Magic Festival. León.


    …León. (Castile-Leon) The city is filled with magic and entertains children and grown-ups alike. It takes place in the Ciudad de León Auditorium and in other parts of the city, and brings t…

  • The ceremony of Las Cabezadas. León.

    Calendar | Fiestas


    …León. (Castile-Leon) The Royal Basilica of San Isidoro in León hosts this festivity whose name comes from the three bows made by the city's representatives when they take their leave of the Chapter, and mark…

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