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  • Cartagena International Film Festival. Cartagena.

    Calendar | Cultural

    From 11/29/2015 to 12/05/2015

    …Cartagena. Murcia. Since 1972, Cartagena, in the Region of Murcia, has held its own festival dedicated to film. The festival was initially centred on productions with the sea as the main protagonist, but sin…

  • Virgen del Castillo patron saint's day fiesta. Yecla.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    From 12/05/2015 to 12/08/2015

    …Yecla. Murcia. The fiesta dates from the 17th century, and includes the procession with the statue of the Virgin down from the Sanctuary and up again. Yecla, in Murcia, celebrates the fiestas of the Virgen del Castillo a…

  • Las Minas. Puerto flamenco tour. Las Minas Festival in Cartagena. Cartagena.



    …Paseo Alfonso XII. 30201. Cartagena. Murcia. Auditorio El Batel.…

  • Fiesta of the Cuadrillas in Barranda.. Caravaca de la Cruz.

    Calendar | Fiestas


    …Barranda. Caravaca de la Cruz. Murcia. E-mail: Every year on the last Sunday in January, the town of Barranda in Murcia celebrates this festivity in …

  • Carnival. Águilas.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    From 01/30/2016 to 02/13/2016

    …Águilas. Murcia. E-mail: Fiestas of the Carnival of Águilas. Full of colour from the processions of masks, groups, the releasing of the 'la musona' and the '…

  • Night of the Drums. Mula.

    Calendar | Fiestas


    …Mula. Murcia. In Mula, Murcia , on the evening of Easter Tuesday, the star attraction is the drum, and the drumming doesn’t stop until well into Wedn…

  • Easter Week in Cartagena. Cartagena.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    From 03/20/2016 to 03/27/2016

    …Cartagena. Murcia. The Easter Week commemorations in this town are particularly famous for the magnificent floral decorations adorning the religious statues. In Cartagena there is a marke…

  • Easter Week in Lorca. Lorca.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    From 03/20/2016 to 03/27/2016

    …Lorca. Murcia. The highlight of this Holy Week is its ostentatiousness. This fiesta is also known as the 'Whites and the Blues'. Although there are other fraternities in Lorca, these two are…

  • Easter Week in Murcia. Murcia.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    From 03/20/2016 to 03/27/2016

    …Murcia. E-mail:,386,m,1287. Holy Week in Murcia. Baroque Holy Week. This Holy Week is characterised by the Nazarenes in their tunics of many colours …

  • Easter Week in Jumilla. Jumilla.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    From 03/20/2016 to 03/27/2016

    …Jumilla. Murcia. E-mail: The Easter week celebrations in Jumilla, Murcia, are almost 600 years old. This is the most important fiesta on the town calendar. It …

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