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  • Inns in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Would you like to enjoy a stay in unique accommodation? Come and discover Spain's inns. They are special buildings, either on account of their architecture, given that many have centuries of history, or on account of the…

  • A themed weekend in Zaragoza.

    Travel ideas

    …Zaragoza. (Aragon) Visit the city of Zaragoza, in Aragon, for a weekend, and enjoy different themed activities and interesting discounts on services. A series of packages have been prepared so you can discover a differen…

  • The latest avant-garde architecture in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Strolling around the streets of many cities in Spain you'll notice that innovation and design are to be found in more and more of its buildings. Famous architects such as Frank Gehry, Santiago Calatrava, Richard Rogers, …

  • Zaragoza for chocolate lovers.

    Travel ideas

    …Zaragoza. (Aragon) Do you like chocolate? And how do you like it… white, dark, with candied fruit, frozen… ? You can enjoy almost any kind of chocolate under the sun when you take the entertaining –and above all deliciou…

  • Saragossa in two days.

    Travel ideas

    …Zaragoza. (Aragon) DAY 1: The Basilica and the Seo. Saragossa is a monumental city whose streets show traces of the passage of four civilizations: Roman, Muslim, Jewish and Christian. In two days we can visit many of the…

  • Zaragoza: fashion in the Centre.

    Travel ideas

    …Zaragoza. (Aragon) Fashion in the Centre. The centre of Zaragoza is the busiest part of the city for shopping. The main street is Paseo de la Independencia (here you will find "El Caracol", an unusual shopping centre wit…

  • Zaragoza: a little bit of everything at open-air markets.

    Travel ideas

    …Zaragoza. (Aragon) A little bit of everything at open-air markets. From antiques and unusual objects of all kinds, to dress-making items, home accessories and clothes at very affordable prices. Here you will find all kin…

  • Zaragoza: Delicias, a great pedestrian area.

    Travel ideas

    …Zaragoza. (Aragon) Delicias, a great pedestrian area. Calle Delicias street, just three kilometres from the centre, could be the world's largest pedestrianised commercial area, with more than 200 shops offering everythin…

  • Zaragoza: souvenirs and gifts on Alfonso I.

    Travel ideas

    …Zaragoza. (Aragon) Souvenirs and gifts on Alfonso I. Calle Alfonso I street, which runs between Plaza del Pilar Square and El Coso street, is not to be missed in Zaragoza. On this pedestrian street you will find cafés, o…

  • Zaragoza, a city steeped in history.

    Travel ideas

    …Zaragoza. (Aragon) In northern Spain you will find the immortal city of Zaragoza, a welcoming, dynamic metropolis that has borne witness to more than 2,000 years of history. It hosted Expo 2008 and now looks forward to i…

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