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  • Fried fish assortments.

    Travel ideas

    …This gastronomic specialty from Andalusia combines the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet with the pleasure of relishing the flavour of great sea fish. The fried fish assortment is the extraordinary result of dipp…

  • Cave tourism: an adventure in Spain's tourist caves.

    Travel ideas

    …For your next trip we propose a thrilling adventure: kit yourself out with a helmet with a lamp on the front, a jumpsuit and boots, and prepare to descend into the entrails of Spain's tourist caves. This is a chance to d…

  • Botanical Gardens.

    Travel ideas

    …The exclusive world of the plants protected in Spain’s botanical gardens invites you to take an extraordinary trip through the most breathtaking and diverse flora on the planet. Their locations in cities such as Madrid, …

  • Haute cuisine in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Cuisine as an artistic creation to delight the senses –this is the way gastronomy is seen in Spain. A range of five-star culinary attractions offering a world of tastes, presentation, aroma, textures, colour... Dishes by…

  • The gardens of green Malaga.

    Travel ideas

    …Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) In Malaga you’ll find a city full of green spaces that are ideal for strolling and enjoying the sunshine. The largest are the 23-hectare La Concepción Historical-Botanical Gardens, situated on…

  • Málaga and Picasso, The colours of success.

    Travel ideas

    …Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) The opening of the Picasso Museum has been a real revolution in the options open to tourists visiting Malaga. Now, not only is it capital of the Costa del Sol, but also a cultural reference at…

  • Marbella in total luxury.

    Travel ideas

    …Marbella. Malaga. (Andalusia) In Marbella you’ll feel privileged. You can sail in luxury yachts, relax on beaches with VIP services, stay in exclusive hotels, stroll around the prestigious Puerto Banús resort, practice y…

  • Dad, where do animals live?.

    Travel ideas

    …How many panda bears have your children seen? How many koalas apart from in cartoons? And snakes that aren't from films? They probably don't even think white tigers exist, nor imagine that a panda eats more than ten kilo…

  • Spain's Parador hotels: the perfect place for families to stay.

    Travel ideas

    …If you are thinking of coming to Spain with your family, and you would like to stay at places with atmosphere, we suggest the Parador hotels. If you choose them as places to spend your holidays, you will find distinctive…

  • Romantic corners in Malaga.

    Travel ideas

    …Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia)   If you are planning a romantic break, Malaga is the perfect destination. This city is on the coast, has large gardens and parks to take walks, charming squares to stroll and a pleasant clima…

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