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  • Fried fish assortments.

    Travel ideas

    …This gastronomic specialty from Andalusia combines the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet with the pleasure of relishing the flavour of great sea fish. The fried fish assortment is the extraordinary result of dipp…

  • The fascinating spectacle of a flamenco "tablao".

    Travel ideas

    …Flamenco is a truly Spanish art. To feel the passion and energy it transmits is an extraordinary experience. Visit a tablao (flamenco club) and experience this "universal" art, whose roots lie in the deepest of Spanish f…

  • The April Fair by day.

    Travel ideas

    …Seville. (Andalusia) The April Fair is a guarantee of pure, unadulterated fun.The fairground and the marquees are always packed with people ready enjoy themselves,and the Sevillians’ friendly, party-loving nature is even…

  • The grandiose perfection of Seville Cathedral.

    Travel ideas

    …Seville. (Andalusia) Seville is home to Europe's largest Gothic building, a colossal church with the UNESCO World Heritage designation. Come and discover this architectural gem. Inside there are 500 priceless works of ar…

  • The April Fair by night.

    Travel ideas

    …Seville. (Andalusia) The April Fair is basically about having fun.During these days, all the young people in Seville gather together in the roads leading to the fairground, intent on making the very most of a night of fu…

  • The Via Augusta, following the trail of the Roman Empire in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Can you imagine walking on a road more than 2,000 years old, surrounded by stunning landscapes? Would you like to go on a wonderful journey back to the times of the Roman Empire? All this is possible if you come to Spain…

  • Spanish museums with a new feel.

    Travel ideas

    …Deluxe extensions to show some of the world's finest collections of paintings. Restored historic buildings, now home to contemporary art. Avant-garde centres whose exterior is as attractive as what lies within. Museums i…

  • Seville, gardens with history.

    Travel ideas

    …Seville. (Andalusia) Walking around Seville, in Andalusia, is one of the most wonderful experiences to be had in southern Spain. Here you will find a magical city, more beautiful and restored than ever. If you also take …

  • Seville, a city of opera.

    Travel ideas

    …Seville. (Andalusia) Would you like to explore the city of Seville in an original way and learn more about opera? Would you like to see the settings that inspired Verdi, Donizetti, Beethoven, Bizet and Mozart? Then take …

  • Velázquez, “the painters’ painter”.

    Travel ideas

    …A unique and timeless master. A painter chosen by Philip IV of Spain to portray his family. A specialist in depicting light and shade. We are speaking of Diego Velázquez, the 17th-century Spanish painter whose incomparab…

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