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  • Arnedillo spa: set among hot springs, vineyards and dinosaurs.

    Travel ideas

    …(La Rioja) La Rioja is famous the world over for the quality of its wines. However it is also the place to head for if you are looking for somewhere for a few days’ relaxation and pampering. Just come to the Arnedillo sp…

  • Harvest festival in the land of wine, La Rioja.

    Travel ideas

    …Logroño. La Rioja. In Spain and all over the world, wine and La Rioja go hand-in-hand. The wines of this region in northern Spain have earned world-wide recognition. The quality of the wine from La Rioja is so good that …

  • La Rioja: countryside within everyone's reach.

    Travel ideas

    …(La Rioja) La Rioja , in northern Spain, is a land of vineyards and wine, art and culture, and, of course, countryside. You will love the variety of its landscapes. Here you will find Mediterranean forests along with hig…

  • La Rioja: wine-themed activities.

    Travel ideas

    …(La Rioja) La Rioja is justly famous for its broad extensions of vineyards and for the quality of its wines. If you travel to this region, as well as being able to enjoy tasting these brews, you can also learn all about …

  • The Wine Routes: a different journey through Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Discover Spain along its Wine Routes and venture into some of the country's most important wine-growing areas. Along the way you will have the chance to learn how wines are made and to sample some world-renowned vintages…

  • La Rioja: land of dinosaurs, wine… and fun.

    Travel ideas

    …(La Rioja) Sometimes it is hard to find a holiday that is enjoyable for parents and children alike. In La Rioja, northern Spain, this will not be a problem. In this area, famous for its wines, you will find activities to…

  • Logroño, the wine capital.

    Travel ideas

    …Logroño. La Rioja. Logroño is the perfect place for learning all about the famous Spanish wine, Rioja. Within a radius of 8 kilometres of this city, you can visit as many as nine wineries to discover the secrets of how t…

  • The Wines of La Rioja.

    Travel ideas

    …(La Rioja) Spain produces a wide variety of wines of the highest quality with unique and distinctive flavours which vary from region to region. La Rioja is one our most internationally renowned wine-producing areas. La R…

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