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  • Cordoba: trail of cultures.

    Travel ideas

    …Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) Walking through the streets of Cordoba is like going from one period in history to another. This city in Andalusia has a unique wealth of monuments. Its historic centre has the UNESCO World …

  • Cordoba, following in the footsteps of Seneca.

    Travel ideas

    …Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) Come and discover Cordoba, a World Heritage City, in Andalusia. How? Following in the footsteps of one of the great historic thinkers - Seneca - along the Roman Cordoba Route, with tours for…

  • The fascinating spectacle of a flamenco "tablao".

    Travel ideas

    …Flamenco is a truly Spanish art. To feel the passion and energy it transmits is an extraordinary experience. Visit a tablao (flamenco club) and experience this "universal" art, whose roots lie in the deepest of Spanish f…

  • Andalusia’s fino sherry, a culture of life.

    Travel ideas

    …(Andalusia) Andalusia has numerous attractions which will entice you to stay: wonderful beaches, an outstanding artistic heritage, a festive atmosphere and of course, a delicious gastronomy. And to sample these delights,…

  • Spain’s olive oil country..

    Travel ideas

    …Virgin olive oil is a vital ingredient in Spanish cuisine and the Mediterranean diet. Healthy and delicious, this is a treat for the palate that we suggest you try in the olive-growing regions themselves. You will find o…

  • Water parks, refreshing fun for the summer.

    Travel ideas

    …Water, sun and fun. How would you like to enjoy this unbeatable combination with your family? Come to one of the many water parks in Spain and take the opportunity to share a wonderful day of fun with your children, pack…

  • The Great Mosque of Cordoba, a universal gem.

    Travel ideas

    …Cordoba. (Andalusia) The Great Mosque, universal symbol of Moorish heritage in Spain, and one of history's most extraordinary works of art, awaits you in Cordoba. Come and admire this architectural jewel - a unique space…

  • The great Mosque and the Alhambra, by moonlight.

    Travel ideas

    …(Andalusia) Discovering monuments such as the Alhambra in Granada and the great Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is always a pleasure. But if the visit takes place by night the experience is even more special. This is one of …

  • The Via Augusta, following the trail of the Roman Empire in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Can you imagine walking on a road more than 2,000 years old, surrounded by stunning landscapes? Would you like to go on a wonderful journey back to the times of the Roman Empire? All this is possible if you come to Spain…

  • Spain's main squares.

    Travel ideas

    …The Plaza Mayor is the “living room” for Spain's towns and cities. They are majestic, welcoming places, overflowing with life. When you discover them you will see that their special architecture sets them apart from othe…

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