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  • “Golf & Gourmet”: sport and fine food in Navarre.

    Travel ideas

    …(Navarre) A golfing holiday? Why not, and a gastronomic holiday too. This is the idea behind Navarre's “Golf & Gourmet” programme. In this Region in northern Spain you can have a wonderful holiday combining hours of fun …

  • “Pinchos” in Pamplona.

    Travel ideas

    …Pamplona. Navarre. Pamplona is the perfect place for sampling the famous “pinchos” (snacks) of the north of Spain. The bars in the historic quarter, namely on the streets San Nicolás, Comedia, San Gregorio, Estafeta and …

  • Navarre, sports country.

    Travel ideas

    …(Navarre) Navarre is an outstanding destination for sports lovers. You’ll find everything from trails leading through vast forests, mountains for cross-country skiing in the heart of the Pyrenees, and a whole range of wa…

  • Navarre: the land imagined by Ernest Hemingway.

    Travel ideas

    …(Navarre) If there is one person who has done more than anyone to spread the fame of the region of Navarre, that must be the American novelist, journalist and adventurer, Ernest Hemingway. The writer took part in nine ce…

  • On Navarre's tracks and trails.

    Travel ideas

    …(Navarre) It is easy to get a close look at Navarre's natural diversity. You just need to put on walking boots and get out and walk. Ready? You are sure to have an extraordinary holiday in this Region in northern Spain. …

  • Cheese… with pleasure!.

    Travel ideas

    …In slices, for spreading or in cubes. As a snack, for dessert, in salads or as part of a recipe. Cheese is delicious any way you try it, and it is always a part of any meal worth the name. Simple but delicious, devotees …

  • Cheeses of Spain: variety is the key.

    Travel ideas

    …Delicious, healthy and with a host of different flavours, all of them exquisite. Any time of the day and all year round, as an appetiser or an ingredient in a main course or pudding. Come and sample the cheeses of Spain.…

  • The Wine Routes: a different journey through Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Discover Spain along its Wine Routes and venture into some of the country's most important wine-growing areas. Along the way you will have the chance to learn how wines are made and to sample some world-renowned vintages…

  • Wine routes in Spain: a world of creative activities.

    Travel ideas

    …Would you like to discover everything that surrounds the world of wine? Then you are in luck, because if you come to Spain, not only can you explore the wine routes, but you will also find a wide array of alternative opt…

  • A route through Spain's medieval towns and cities.

    Travel ideas

    …Here we suggest a route in Spain which is original and unconventional, but very interesting and attractive: it runs through our medieval towns and villages. The itinerary covers close to 1,500 kilometres across Spain fro…

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