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  • Barcelona: perfect for gifts.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) The perfect place for buying souvenirs in Barcelona is the famous avenue known as La Rambla. In this area you will find typical gift and souvenir shops with all kinds of objects and ideas inspired by the city. Gaudí's Art Nouveau style and the colours of Barcelona FC are parti…

  • Barcelona: a return to childhood.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) In Barcelona everyone is guaranteed to have a good time thanks to its attractions, the zoo where you will marvel at the acrobatics of the dolphins, the aquarium (one of the largest in Europe)… All of this in a destination where you can also spend the day on the beach and hire …

  • Barcelona, flavours from other worlds.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) When it’s time to eat you’ll find that Barcelona is also cosmopolitan too. The city’s line-up of restaurants includes numerous places where you can surprise your palate with a whole range of different tastes and flavours imported from other continents. Oriental, Arab, Indian, …

  • Barcelona: street markets and craft stalls in Poble Espanyol.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) Street markets and craft stalls in Poble Espanyol. In various parts of the city, such as the plaça Nova, the plaça del Pi or the plaça Real, you can find street markets almost every day of the week, selling unique objects, craft work, antiques, stamps, cinema posters, records,…

  • Shopping for everybody in Barcelona.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) Shopping in Barcelona is a attractive option, and the city’s shopping centres are a great place to indulge. You can plan a perfect day, made to measure for you and your companions, as these centres combine all kinds of shops with a wide range of entertainment for everyone. You…

  • Gourmet cuisine in Barcelona.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) In Barcelona you'll be able to enjoy exquisitely prepared modern Mediterranean cuisine at the hands of some of Spain's greatest chefs such as Martín Berasategui. What’s more, Barcelona’s restaurants offer the chance to dine in unique and original venues, including an enormous …

  • Major sporting events in Barcelona.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) In Barcelona you’ll be able to experience some unforgettable sporting moments, ranging from once-in-a-lifetime football matches to thrilling motor races. The first, because the city is home to one of football's greatest teams, the FC Barcelona. Their game is a guarantee of a f…

  • Barcelona: peace and quiet, music and terraces.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) The city of Barcelona is the perfect place to enjoy a few drinks while looking out over the Mediterranean, strolling through its streets or dining in any of its restaurants. A good area for this is the Port Vell harbour which has numerous bars and restaurants overlooking the s…

  • Barcelona, a city for strolling.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) With its Mediterranean climate and wide boulevards, Barcelona is ideal for strolling. On the Paseo de Grácia avenue you will find luxury shops and buildings such as Gaudí’s famous houses, the Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. Take a stroll through the streets of the Gothic Quarter a…

  • Barcelona: culture to suit all ages.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) Barcelona offers a range of cultural options to suit all ages. Many of its museums such as the Chocolate Museum, the Maritime Museum or Cosmocaixa (where kids can experience a tropical rainfall, for example) are the perfect way to spend a fun day which will be both educational…

  • Barcelona: fashion in Centro.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) Fashion in Centro. The picturesque streets of the Born and Gotic areas have a large number of shops dedicated to the latest fashion designs. Shops selling the latest in clothes and fashion, shops dedicated to interior design with the newest of ideas, art galleries, avant-garde…

  • Barcelona fashion.

    Travel ideas

    … Barcelona. (Catalonia) Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city oozing with exclusive luxury. Come and discover some amazingly cool, chic places: prestigious international fashion houses, perfume and jewellery stores, interior furnishings, art galleries…To find the trend-setters, take a look at the young de…

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