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  • Coast of Castellón.

    Coasts and beaches | Coasts

    …You'll find Castellón on the Spanish Mediterranean coast in the north of the Region of Valencia, with over 120 kilometres of coastline and some of the loveliest beaches in the area. There are a total of 16 coastal towns …

  • Costa Dorada.

    Coasts and beaches | Coasts

    …A destination with a seafaring tradition for the whole family to enjoy? Long beaches of fine sand and secluded coves looking out over the Mediterranean? The Costa Dorada in Tarragona offers all this, plus remnants of the…

  • Balearic Islands.

    Coasts and beaches | Coasts

    …A place to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. You'll find coves with turquoise waters where pine trees almost reach the sand, a perfect setting for enjoying the great outdoors, Ibiza and its nightlife, and everything you need …

  • Costa del Sol.

    Coasts and beaches | Coasts

    …Why is the Costa del Sol one of the most touristic areas of Spain? Because of its beautiful weather and over 300 days of sun a year. Any time of year is good for visiting this area that stretches along 161 kilometres of …

  • Valencia Coast.

    Coasts and beaches | Coasts

    …A one-hundred-percent Mediterranean coastline where you can enjoy the sun on beaches bathed by calm warm waters. This is the coast in the province of Valencia in southeast Spain, and it is known for combining all the att…

  • Basque Coast.

    Coasts and beaches | Coasts

    …Beaches in a natural setting amid cliffs and green valleys. Urban beaches with their own particular charm like the La Concha in San Sebastián. Stretches of sand for relaxing, surfing, or simply enjoying the sound of the …

  • Costa Verde (Green Coast).

    Coasts and beaches | Coasts

    …Maritime towns and villages steeped in charm, endless beaches set amid verdant nature, secluded coves, spectacular cliffs… there are almost 350 kilometres of coastline in Asturias. The tourist options for the Costa Verde…

  • Costa Brava.

    Coasts and beaches | Coasts

    …Can you imagine spending time surrounded by the blue waters of the sea, golden sands and intensely green landscapes? It is the postcard image that best represents the Costa Brava in the province of Girona (Catalonia), a …

  • Coast of Almería.

    Coasts and beaches | Coasts

    …On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in south-eastern Spain you'll find over 200 kilometres of coastline with wonderful beaches and coves that are ideal for bathing. You're practically guaranteed warm weather in this a…

  • Costa Blanca.

    Coasts and beaches | Coasts

    …Do you want to see 218 kilometres of coastline with calm waters and fine white sand beaches? You will see mountains that loom over the Mediterranean, fruit groves and palm groves. In eastern Spain, in the province of Ali…

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