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  • Come to Spain – and viva football!.

    Travel ideas

    … In Spain, football itself and all football fans are still caught up in the post-match fiesta. Millions of people are celebrating the Spanish national team’s victories in the World and European Cups. This outstanding double success makes the whole atmosphere surrounding this sport twice as unique as …

  • Science museums in Spain: touching allowed!.

    Travel ideas

    … Would you like to have fun while you learn all about yourself and the world around you? Spain's Science Museums offer the chance to enjoy yourself while you discover, in a simple, entertaining and totally interactive way, all the mysteries of nature, human beings and the universe. You'll find out wh…

  • The charm of the fishing villages.

    Travel ideas

    … Summer has a special flavour in the north of Spain. These are the ideal months to explore the fishing villages of Green Spain: Cudillero, Llanes and Ribadesella in Asturias; Laredo, Santoña and San Vicente de la Barquera, in Cantabria; and Baiona, Ortigueira, Viveiro and Sanxenxo, in Galicia. Kilome…

  • First-rate surfing in northern Spain.

    Travel ideas

    … Mythical, world-class waves, for unforgettable days of surfing. This is the north of Spain, a surfers' paradise, stage for some of the most important competitions on the international circuit. With varied coastline and perfect orientation, this area gets great waves all year round, practically regar…

  • Galicia's sightseeing trains: nature every stop of the way.

    Travel ideas

    … Everybody knows that travelling by train has a special charm all its own. And if your journey takes you through Galicia, in northwest Spain, there's a special treat awaiting you. We suggest planning your next getaway in one of what are known as 'Galicia's sightseeing trains'. In addition to the regu…

  • The latest avant-garde architecture in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    … Strolling around the streets of many cities in Spain you'll notice that innovation and design are to be found in more and more of its buildings. Famous architects such as Frank Gehry, Santiago Calatrava, Richard Rogers, Norman Foster and Rafael Moneo have chosen Spain to build their latest works. He…

  • Galicia: golfing holidays in the heart of the countryside.

    Travel ideas

    … (Galicia) Do you like playing golf in your free time? If we suggest a privileged location for your hobby then you are sure to want to play even more. We are talking about Galicia, northeastern Spain. A Region with courses set in pine forests, at pleasant spa resorts or with views of the coast. Admir…

  • Celtic culture at the castros of Galicia and Asturias.

    Travel ideas

    … Travel back in time and discover what prehistory's first "cities" were like. They are the Celtic "castros" (fortified Iron Age settlements) of northwestern Spain, which gave rise to a culture with its own distinctive traits. Sites in Galicia and Asturias will let you discover the artistic and archae…

  • A day of culture in Santiago de Compostela.

    Travel ideas

    … Santiago de Compostela. A Coruña. (Galicia) Thousands of people make their way to Santiago de Compostela with one single goal in mind: to see its Cathedral, the ultimate destination on the Way of Saint James. On our day of culture in the city, we will of course visit this monumental work of art, but…

  • Museum Paradors: accommodation with a fascinating past.

    Travel ideas

    … If, on your trip to Spain, you wish to stay in a special place that is full of charm, we suggest the Parador hotels: unique accommodations (many are old castles, palaces and monasteries) located in natural and historical places of great beauty. If you like the idea of discovering for yourself the le…

  • Santiago, shopping to remember.

    Travel ideas

    … Santiago de Compostela. A Coruña. (Galicia) In Santiago de Compostela you will have everything at your finger tips when it’s time to buy a few gifts for family and friends. If you leave Plaza de las Platerías square next to the Cathedral, you will come to the most popular shopping streets in the his…

  • A Coruña from the air.

    Travel ideas

    … La Coruña. A Coruña. (Galicia) It's always a pleasure to visit the Tower of Hercules, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, and the beautiful bay of the city of A Coruña in Galicia in northwest Spain. But if you're offered the chance to see it all from the heights, it sounds even better. There a…

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