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  • Cáceres, walled splendour.

    Travel ideas

    … Cáceres. (Extremadura) In the heart of Extremadura you will find an unforgettable place: Cáceres. This city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within its defensive walls you will find priceless treasures, with squares, palaces, churches and stately houses that are real works of art and reflect Spain's…

  • The Jerte Valley, where everything turns white in spring.

    Travel ideas

    … Jerte. Cáceres. (Extremadura) Come to Spain in March and you will be amazed by the beauty of two million blossoming cherry trees in the Jerte Valley, Region of Extremadura. Can you imagine looking out at beautiful mountains, covered in white, but with no snow to be seen? Then stop imagining and come…

  • Golf in Spain's World Heritage Cities.

    Travel ideas

    … Thirteen unique cities and golf courses to enjoy. Spain's World Heritage Cities are a good alternative when it comes to planning a golfing holiday. You can enjoy your favourite sport and also discover monuments that will leave you speechless. Seeing is believing: Spain is perfect for golfers who als…

  • Spanish World Heritage Cities – the privilege of history.

    Travel ideas

    … Spain has a lot to offer, and this is something officially endorsed by UNESCO: Spain is the country with the third greatest number of World Heritage sites. In order to receive this privileged designation, a site must have been part of a unique artistic achievement, have influenced a specific period …

  • Inns in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    … Would you like to enjoy a stay in unique accommodation? Come and discover Spain's inns. They are special buildings, either on account of their architecture, given that many have centuries of history, or on account of their location in stunning natural surroundings. They offer all kinds of creature c…

  • Las Hurdes, a region to be discovered.

    Travel ideas

    … Cáceres. (Extremadura) We're off to Las Hurdes, an ideal destination for nature lovers, located in Extremadura, in inland Spain. Here you can enjoy valleys, rivers and unique landscapes. Come and "lose yourself" in an unspoilt region. Come and discover this beautiful area. The Las Hurdes region is i…

  • A gourmet menu in Spain's Heritage Cities.

    Travel ideas

    … We suggest you start with Iberian cured ham, gazpacho and Manchego cheese; then continue with dishes such as roast suckling pig served with fresh vegetables sautéed with olive oil, or some quality seafood. And for dessert, traditional sweets and tropical fruit. All accompanied by desgination of orig…

  • Bird watching in Extremadura: a real experience.

    Travel ideas

    … (Extremadura) Why not enjoy a fascinating spectacle? Watch hundreds of species of birds, some endangered, in their natural habitat. You can live this experience in Extremadura. This inland region of Spain is an ideal place to go birdwatching. The requirements are simple: a basic pair of binoculars, …

  • Paradors: an unforgettable stay.

    Travel ideas

    … Would you like to visit cities with stunning cultural heritage and sleep in fantasy settings? Come and make this dream come true, staying at Parador Hotels in Spain's World Heritage Cities. It is an irresistible idea, a unique form of accommodation that will awaken all your senses. Imposing castles,…

  • Spain's European Heritage.

    Travel ideas

    … The European Heritage Label is awarded to those places, monuments or cultural properties that have played a key role in Europe's common history. Spain's inclusion on the list was a foregone conclusion. This trip will take you to see the Spanish sites that have this label and will give you an idea of…

  • Spain's main squares.

    Travel ideas

    … The Plaza Mayor is the “living room” for Spain's towns and cities. They are majestic, welcoming places, overflowing with life. When you discover them you will see that their special architecture sets them apart from other main squares to be found in Europe. They are a place for social encounters, bu…

  • A route through Spain's medieval towns and cities.

    Travel ideas

    … Here we suggest a route in Spain which is original and unconventional, but very interesting and attractive: it runs through our medieval towns and villages. The itinerary covers close to 1,500 kilometres across Spain from the north to the southwest, passing charming places surrounded by a variety of…

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