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  • Sweets from Convents.

    Travel ideas

    …One hundred percent artisanal, with limited production and cooked with the dedication characteristic of monastic life. Such are the sweets that you can buy in convents in many cities in Spain. Here are some suggestions f…

  • Melilla: the meeting place of four religions.

    Travel ideas

    …(Melilla)   One of the greatest attractions of the city of Melilla is that it links two continents: Europe and Africa. This makes it the perfect place to experience the atmosphere of cultural intermingling. Another highl…

  • Religious tourism in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Spain has so much to offer when it comes to "religious tourism". A few suggestions: follow the Way of Saint James on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela; live the intense Easter Week celebrations; take part in the El …

  • Route of the Monasteries, Birthplace of Castilian Spanish.

    Travel ideas

    …The monasteries located in and around the Najerilla River valley (La Rioja) are prime examples of this type of religious building for their beauty, diversity of artistic styles and historic importance. These institutions…

  • The Marian Route.

    Travel ideas

    …We propose a trip along the itinerary of the Marian Route. You'll see three of the most important and best-known Marian shrines in the whole of Europe and the Americas: the shrines of El Pilar, Torreciudad and Montserrat…

  • Las Huelgas Reales Monastery, royal pantheon.

    Travel ideas

    …Burgos. (Castile-Leon) On the outskirts of Burgos, in northern Spain, you will find this stunning monastic centre that dates from the Middle Ages, and which came to be the pantheon of the Castile monarchs. It is still in…

  • Three churches route: gems of religious art in the Basque Country.

    Travel ideas

    …Guipúzcoa - Gipuzkoa. (Basque Country) Come and explore the very heart of the magical valleys of Guipúzcoa province, in the Basque Country, northern Spain. Here you will find three religious monuments in different artist…

  • Ribeira Sacra, land of monasteries.

    Travel ideas

    …(Galicia) Welcome to the Ribeira Sacra, an area in inland Galicia which is home to spectacular natural features such as the canyon of the Sil river –the mark of identity of the region– and a valuable artistic heritage. H…

  • Santiago, a pilgrimage destination.

    Travel ideas

    …Santiago de Compostela. A Coruña. (Galicia) Santiago de Compostela is the final destination of the Way of Saint James, a route that will offer you a unique experience. You will feel a great sense of achievement as you ar…

  • Easter week in Seville devotion in the streets.

    Travel ideas

    …Seville. (Andalusia) Easter Week in Seville is a wonderful way of learning about Spanish customs. And as well as witnessing a religious celebration, you can also chat with the people of Seville and share in the popular e…

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