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  • Lugo.

    Tourist destinations

    Lugo. (Galicia) Located on a hill on the banks of the river Miño, the city of Lugo preserves major remains of its Roman past, among them its ancient wall, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Inside the walls, the city conserves quiet pedestrian streets, wide squares and spacious gardens, where…

  • Castro de Rei.

    Tourist destinations

    Castro de Rei. Lugo. (Galicia) The visit to Castro de Rei explores the culture of typical pre-Roman forts and fortifications in Galicia, with beautiful natural surroundings. Its old town has been declared Property of Cultural Interest. The streets of the historic quarter of Castro de Rei are a good …

  • Vilalba.

    Tourist destinations

    Vilalba. Lugo. (Galicia) Vilalba is the capital of A Terra Cha, a communications crossroads and a town famous for its recent growth and the local products: capons, San Simón cheeses... Testimony to its age are the great many Paleolithic sites, as well as several megalithic remains and vestiges of hi…

  • Monforte de Lemos.

    Tourist destinations

    Monforte de Lemos. Lugo. (Galicia) The village of Monforte, one of the most important in the Galician interior, preserves many buildings and monuments within its limits that testify to the significance it had in past centuries. Its old quarter has the Property of Cultural Interest designation. It wa…

  • Mondoñedo.

    Tourist destinations

    Mondoñedo. Lugo. (Galicia) Located in a broad open valley giving onto the Cantabrian Sea, Mondoñedo is one of the most evocative capitals of the ancient Kingdom of Galicia. Its historic quarter has been declared a Property of Cultural Interest. The Cathedral-Basilica of La Asunción, a national monum…

  • O Cebreiro.

    Tourist destinations

    … Cebreiro, O. Pedrafita do Cebreiro. Lugo. (Galicia) On the French route of the Pilgrim's Route to Santiago de Compostela, O Cebreiro has a Grail some consider to be sacred and others to be miraculous. O Cebreiro is a village which has a series of pallozas, or round stone houses with a straw roof, wh…

  • Lourenza.

    Tourist destinations

    Lourenza. Lourenzá. Lugo. (Galicia) Lourenzá is a town with great appeal thanks to its scenery -among which is the area of Cazolga-, the fishing on its rivers and streams and its historic buildings. Vilanova de Lourenzá sits in a beautiful valley in the northern section of the province of Lugo, in t…

  • Samos.

    Tourist destinations

    Samos. Lugo. (Galicia) Samos is another obligatory staging post on the Pilgrim's Route to Santiago de Compostela. The history of the town is closely linked to that of the monastery; since the peacefulness of these lands made it an ideal place for prayer and retreat. The monastery of San Xian de Samo…

  • Portomarín.

    Tourist destinations

    Portomarín. Lugo. (Galicia) The reservoir of Belesar, on the river Miño, flooded the old village of Portomarín. Its main historic buildings were rescued stone by stone: they are the Romanesque church of San Pedro and the monumental church fortress of San Nicolás. Some of the old medieval palaces wer…

  • Sarria.

    Tourist destinations

    Sarria. Lugo. (Galicia) In its architectural legacy, arising from the fact that the Pilgrim's Road to Santiago de Compostela passed through these lands, we can find examples of medieval structures for religious civil and military purposes. The city was founded by Alfonso IX under the name of Vilanov…

  • Viveiro.

    Tourist destinations

    … Viveiró. Viveiro. Lugo. (Galicia) The Viveiro estuary is the biggest one in the Cantabrian Sea, into which the Landro river flows. Viveiro, at its mouth, is the most important city in the whole region of A Mariña. Viveiro has a very significant artistic heritage, beginning with the remains of its me…

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