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  • Santiago de Compostela.

    Tourist destinations, World Heritage | Cultural Heritage

    Santiago de Compostela. A Coruña. (Galicia) Discover Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the Region of Galicia. Millions of people from all over the world come to this city every year, many of them reaching the end of the Way of Saint James pilgrimage route. Its h…

  • La Coruña.

    Tourist destinations

    … Coruña, A. A Coruña. (Galicia) Situated beside the Atlantic Ocean, A Coruña is a historic city whose history has maintained close links with its old fishing and commercial port. The peninsula on which the Old City stands also contains the Tower of Hercules, one of the symbols of the city, which is a…

  • Arteixo.

    Tourist destinations

    Arteixo. A Coruña. (Galicia) Its beaches and the waters of its spa resort are the main attractions in this town. Arteixo is about 15 kilometres from the city of La Coruña. You could say that this coastal town is a place to have fun with water. On one side are its beaches: small sandy ones like Valco…

  • Corcubión.

    Tourist destinations

    Corcubión. A Coruña. (Galicia) E-mail: Located at the end of the estuary that bears its name, the fishing village of Corcubión has a magnificent structure, architecture and urban layout in the style of a traditional maritime fishing village. Its old to…

  • Muxía.

    Tourist destinations

    … 15124. Muxía. A Coruña. (Galicia) Muxía takes up the southern bank of the Camariñas estuary, near the Costa da Morte. This fishing town has beautiful beaches and an interesting monumental heritage. It is believed that the village was founded by people from Cereixo on land that belonged to the monks …

  • Ortigueira.

    Tourist destinations

    Ortigueira. A Coruña. (Galicia) Ortigueira is situated in the province of A Coruña, in Galicia. It is famous for its picturesque landscape, which combines mountains, rivers, the sea and the widest estuary in the whole of the north of Galicia. The area is a stunning natural spectacle, offering visito…

  • Betanzos.

    Tourist destinations

    Betanzos. A Coruña. (Galicia) This town, washed by the Mandeo river and its tributary, the Mendo, celebrates numerous fairs and trade shows throughout the year. Betanzos was named "Brigantium" by the Romans. The town sits on a hill where there used to be a hill-fort, on the mouth of the Betanzos est…

  • Ferrol.

    Tourist destinations

    Ferrol. A Coruña. (Galicia) The sea has been a vital constant in the growth of this town, first as a fishing village and later as a military stronghold. This town is 52 kilometres from La Coruña. It is full of contrasts, and the charm of its roots as a fishing village lives on in its streets and tra…

  • Noia.

    Tourist destinations

    Noia. A Coruña. (Galicia) This town has a variety of monuments in an unusual Gothic style. Its historic quarter has the Property of Cultural Interest designation. Noia is 36 kilometres from the city of Santiago de Compostela. One of its main attractions is the old town itself. There are three religi…

  • Padrón.

    Tourist destinations

    Padrón. A Coruña. (Galicia) Traditionally, this town's history is linked to that of the apostle Santiago (St. James). Situated just 22 kilometres from Santiago de Compostela, this town's origins are linked to Iría Flavia. This was the Roman city to which the apostle Santiago's remains were brought f…

  • Pontedeume.

    Tourist destinations

    Pontedeume. A Coruña. (Galicia) Modernity and tradition come together in the streets of this seaside town. Pontedeume is 36 kilometres from the city of La Coruña. Here you will find the atmosphere of a fishing village and a promenade that runs all along the estuary - just two of the village's attrac…

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