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  • Murcia Archaeological Museum. Murcia.

    Art | Museums

    …Avenida Alfonso X El Sabio, 7. 30008. Murcia. Fax.: +34 968204994 | E-mail: Iberian tradition. It houses one of Spain's most complete collections of Ib…

  • "Enrique Escudero de Castro" Municipal Archaeology Museum. Cartagena.

    Art | Museums

    …Calle Ramón y Cajal 45. 30204. Cartagena. Murcia. Fax.: +34 968515449 | E-mail: The origins of Cartagena. The museum takes you from prehistory throug…

  • Lorca Municipal Archaeological Museum. Lorca.

    Art | Museums

    …Plaza de Juan Moreno s/n. 30800. Lorca. Murcia. The archaeological origins of the city. Located in the historic-artistic centre of the town of Lorca, this building dates from the 16th and beg…

  • Murcia Cathedral Museum. Murcia.

    Art | Museums

    …Plaza de la Cruz 1. 30001. Murcia. Fax.: +34 968221083 | E-mail: Archaeology and religion. The museum was reopened in 2007 after full refurbishment …

  • La Encomienda Archaeological Museum. Calasparra.

    Art | Museums

    …Plaza de la Constitución s/n. 30420. Calasparra. Murcia. E-mail: A historical journey into Calasparra. Located in an 18th-century building, once home to the town headqua…

  • Murcia Museum of Fine Arts. Murcia.

    Art | Museums

    …Calle Obispo Frutos, 12. 30003. Murcia. Fax.: +34 968272792 | Painting since the Middle Ages. The museum offers a journey through the history of art since the 15th century, and includes works from…

  • Ethnological Museum of the irrigated lands of Murcia. Alcantarilla.

    Art | Museums

    …Avenida Príncipe s/n. 30820. Alcantarilla. Murcia. Fax.: +34 968893866 | E-mail: History of the irrigated lands of Murcia. The museum reconstructs th…

  • Barranda Museum of Ethnic Music. Caravaca de la Cruz.

    Art | Museums

    …Calle Pedrera s/n. 30412. Caravaca de la Cruz. Murcia. World Music. The collection comprises musical instruments from 145 countries representing cultures from throughout the worl…

  • National Museum of Underwater Archaeology.. Cartagena.

    Art | Museums

    …Paseo Alfonso XII, 22. 30202. Cartagena. Murcia. Fax.: +34 968122189 | E-mail: A rich underwater archaeological heritage. Particular highlights include a collection of …

  • "El Cigarralejo" Museum of Iberian Art. Mula.

    Art | Museums

    …Calle Marqués 1. 30170. Mula. Murcia. Fax.: +34 968661422 | E-mail: Iberian Archaeology. Ten rooms with different sides of the Iberian world. Set i…

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