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  • San Lorenzo de Trasouto. Santiago de Compostela.

    Art | Historic gardens

    …Robleda de San Lorenzo s/n. 15705. Santiago de Compostela. A Coruña. (Galicia) E-mail: The San Lorenzo mansion in the city of Santiago is an example of a medieval mona…

  • Gardens at the Pazo de Mariñán. Bergondo.

    Art | Historic gardens

    …Pazo de Mariñán s/n. 15165. Bergondo. A Coruña. (Galicia) E-mail: . The country house is set in impressive landscape dominated by the Ria of the Betanzos. Its land descends in …

  • Quiñones de León Municipal Park. Vigo.

    Art | Historic gardens

    …Parque de Castrelos s/n. 36213. Vigo. Pontevedra. (Galicia) The garden is the result of remodelling carried out in the final third of the 19th century by the Duke of Alcedo. He was married to an English woman, surely beh…

  • Gardens at the Pazo de Oca. Estrada, A.

    Art | Historic gardens

    …Pazo de Oca. 36685. Estrada, A. Pontevedra. (Galicia) Fax.: +34 986587439 | E-mail: This could be the most representative example of typical Galician manor …

  • La Guía Municipal park. Vigo.

    Art | Historic gardens

    …Avda. Doña Fermina s/n. 36216 Teis. Vigo. Pontevedra. (Galicia) Vigo is a city with a host of city parks and green areas. One of these gardens is the Guía Municipal Park, wi…

  • Gardens at the Santa Cruz de Ribadulla Manor House. Vedra.

    Art | Historic gardens

    …Pazo de Santa Cruz de Ribadulla s/n. 15885. Vedra. A Coruña. (Galicia) The collection of camellias dates back to the beginning of the 19th century and can be considered Galicia’s finest, …

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