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  • Cáceres, walled splendour.

    Travel ideas

    … Cáceres. (Extremadura) In the heart of Extremadura you will find an unforgettable place: Cáceres. This city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within its defensive walls you will find priceless treasures, with squares, palaces, churches and stately houses that are real works of art and reflect Spain's…

  • The Jerte Valley, where everything turns white in spring.

    Travel ideas

    … Jerte. Cáceres. (Extremadura) Come to Spain in March and you will be amazed by the beauty of two million blossoming cherry trees in the Jerte Valley, Region of Extremadura. Can you imagine looking out at beautiful mountains, covered in white, but with no snow to be seen? Then stop imagining and come…

  • White villages of Extremadura: walking through pasturelands.

    Travel ideas

    … Badajoz. (Extremadura) Whitewashed walls and green holm oaks. Rivers, reservoirs and birds. Delicate Gothic monuments and Baroque towers. These are only some of the things you will see in the white villages area of Extremadura, in Spain's interior. Travelling along its trails is a good way to enjoy …

  • Suggestions to enjoy Monfragüe National Park.

    Travel ideas

    … Cáceres. (Extremadura) Monfragüe National Park, in the region of Extremadura, stands out because of its important Mediterranean forests and because it is a great place for bird watching. We'll give you a few hints so you can enjoy it during your visit. There are several marked waymarked routes in th…

  • Las Hurdes, a region to be discovered.

    Travel ideas

    … Cáceres. (Extremadura) We're off to Las Hurdes, an ideal destination for nature lovers, located in Extremadura, in inland Spain. Here you can enjoy valleys, rivers and unique landscapes. Come and "lose yourself" in an unspoilt region. Come and discover this beautiful area. The Las Hurdes region is i…

  • The Roman Theatre at Mérida, last refuge of the Muses.

    Travel ideas

    … Mérida. Badajoz. (Extremadura) The Roman Theatre at Mérida is a splendid monument, Europe’s best conserved and the only one which, after being reconditioned, continues to be the setting for theatrical representations and recitals. Every year, people from all over the world are moved by immortal clas…

  • Nature in all its glory in Extremadura.

    Travel ideas

    … (Extremadura) Over 60 protected nature spaces, 1,500 kilometres of fresh water, and the only Blue Flag-designated inland beach. Sound good? You'll find it all in Extremadura, an inland area in western Spain where water plays a key role. Come and breathe in the fresh air. You're sure to find Extremad…

  • Mérida Theatre Festival: a date with the classics.

    Travel ideas

    … Mérida. Badajoz. (Extremadura) Summer after summer, the works of the great Greco-Latin authors come to Spain at the Mérida Classical Theatre Festival. The city’s spectacular Roman Theatre, which has the UNESCO World Heritage designation, recovers its original role once again, becoming the magical st…

  • The La Siberia region of Extremadura - landscapes of mountains and water.

    Travel ideas

    … Badajoz. (Extremadura) Get ready to discover an amazing area of inland Spain. A place where the green of its mountains meets the deep blue of the reservoirs. These are the Extremadura Mountains, where the landscape is just one of the attractions. The La Siberia area is in Extremadura, the region of …

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