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  • Avila Provincial Museum. Ávila.

    Art | Museums

    …Plaza de Nalvillos, 3. 05001. Ávila. (Castile-Leon) Fax.: +34 920253701 | E-mail: Mosaic of stories. The Casa de los Deanes house and the church of Santo…

  • Oriental Art Museum. Ávila.

    Art | Museums

    …Plaza de Granada 1. 05003. Ávila. (Castile-Leon) Fax.: +34 920352237 | E-mail: Oriental art brought to Spain. The majestic Santo Tomás Royal Monastery, built and inh…

  • The Royal Chapel Museum. Arenas de San Pedro.

    Art | Museums

    …Santuario de San Pedro de Alcántara. 05040. Arenas de San Pedro. Ávila. (Castile-Leon) Fax.: +34 920372328 | E-mail: Religious brush-strokes. The thre…

  • Museum of the Encarnación Monastery. Ávila.

    Art | Museums

    …Paseo de la Encarnación s/n. 05005. Ávila. (Castile-Leon) The habits of an extraordinary woman. Through evocations of Teresa of Ávila, this visit takes place in a magnificent ensemble of Ren…

  • Cathedral Museum. Ávila.

    Art | Museums

    …Plaza de la Catedral s/n. 05001. Ávila. (Castile-Leon) The sacred song book. An art exhibition set in the Cardinal's Chapel, the Tesoro and Cantorales Rooms. The museum presents an exhibition of rel…

  • Santo Tomé el Viejo Church. Ávila.

    Art | Museums

    …Plaza de Italia s/n. 05001. Ávila. (Castile-Leon) Fax.: +34 920253701 | E-mail: Annex to the Ávila Museum. This is an old church, now home to the Ávila Museum storerooms. It ser…

  • Atapuerca Experimental Archaeology Centre. Ibeas de Juarros.

    Art | Museums

    …Carretera de Logroño, 44. 09198. Ibeas de Juarros. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) Tel.: +34 902024246 | +34 947421000 | Fax.: +34 947257067 | E-mail: This museum is devoted to…

  • Museum of Rich Fabrics in the Las Huelgas Monastery. Burgos.

    Art | Museums

    …Calle los Compases de las Huelgas, s/n. 09001. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) Fax.: +34 947279729 | E-mail:…

  • Burgos Museum. Burgos.

    Art | Museums

    …Calle Miranda, 13. 09002. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) Fax.: +34 947276792 | E-mail: Art and archaeology. Burgos Museum occupies two 16th-century stat…

  • San Salvador Monastery Museum. Oña.

    Art | Museums

    …Calle Pestiño s/n. 09530. Oña. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) Fax.: +34 947304402 | E-mail: Exhibition of artworks at the San Salvador Monastery. Found…

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