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  • Learning Spanish in Salamanca.

    Travel ideas

    …Salamanca. (Castile-Leon) The atmosphere in the university city of Salamanca will make it really easy for you to learn Spanish. Thousands of Spanish students mingle with everybody else in the university buildings and in …

  • Art in Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia Nature Reserve.

    Travel ideas

    …Salamanca. (Castile-Leon) It's always pleasant to take a walk in a beautiful natural setting. But if there are works of art to discover on your way, the idea is even more appealing. This is what is offered by the four ro…

  • One day in Salamanca.

    Travel ideas

    …Salamanca. (Castile-Leon) If you want to get to know one of the most beautiful World Heritage Cities in Spain, why not arrange a day out in Salamanca? You'll love strolling around the cobbled streets of the historic quar…

  • Salamanca: The latest fashions.

    Travel ideas

    …Salamanca. (Castile-Leon) The latest fashions. If you are looking for the latest styles, then head for the area between the pedestrian Toro and Zamora streets and Plaza del Campillo Square, on the way out of Plaza Mayor …

  • Salamanca’s youthful nightlife.

    Travel ideas

    …Salamanca. (Castile-Leon) Salamanca’s university city atmosphere means you’re guaranteed to find fun in the city’s clubs until the early hours. One of the city’s distinctive features is the original décor to be found in …

  • Salamanca: filigree crafts.

    Travel ideas

    …Salamanca. (Castile-Leon) Filigree crafts. Ceramics, wickerwork, leather, silverwork... There is a wide variety of crafts in Salamanca, that make use of a range of materials. Some of the most outstanding are leather item…

  • Salamanca: gastronomic delicacies and street markets.

    Travel ideas

    …Salamanca. (Castile-Leon) Gastronomic delicacies and street markets. In the historic centre you will also find shops selling Salamanca's typical sweets and foods: the shops in the streets around Plaza Mayor Square offer …

  • Salamanca: books from the traditional city of knowledge.

    Travel ideas

    …Salamanca. (Castile-Leon) Books from the traditional city of knowledge. Bookshops are Salamanca's most abundant establishments, as you are sure to notice. This is not only on account of the university, but also because S…

  • Salamanca: the beauty of knowledge.

    Travel ideas

    …Salamanca. (Castile-Leon) University city par excellence, birthplace of the first book of Castilian grammar, with an ensemble of monuments with the World Heritage designation... Salamanca is art and culture first hand. A…

  • Salamanca: different ways of discovering "the Golden City".

    Travel ideas

    …Salamanca. (Castile-Leon) Salamanca is one of Spain's most famous cities. And it deserves to be so. The Plaza Mayor square, both its cathedrals and the University are simply amazing. And because at dusk the sun bathes al…

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